History of Washington NSG Athletic

Our Timeline

  • July 2013 - club founded by Michael Nelson, Tony Sugden and Michael Gibbons - with just 1 team
  • June 2014 - 3 teams added, including the club's first 2 development teams
  • June 2015 - 4 teams added
  • November 2015 - founder Michael Gibbons tragically passes away at just 42 years old
  • March 2016 - Kevin Nixon joins Club Committee
  • June 2016 - 3 teams added, including the club's first all girls team
  • September 2017 - Club starts season with 17 full teams, with every age group represented
  • April 2019 - New Club Committee formed including existing members Michael Nelson, Tony Sugden and Kevin Nixon, along with new additions Cheryl Sugden, David Clark, Barry Temple and Michael Taylor

Our Philosophy

When Micky Gibbons set up NSG Athletic he had a very clear vision of what a youth football club should look like - honest, transparent, professional - but above all, it would exist for the sole purpose of developing football and social skills in young boys and girls. Before and since Micky's tragic and sad passing, every effort has been made by club members to ensure that this philosophy remains in place, and despite the rapid growth of the Club, there is always a sense of family at both training sessions and match days. "Different Class" is a phrase Micky was renowned for, and we pride ourselves that in memory of Micky, we do all we can to ensure that this is a phrase we can continue to use within the club.

NSG Athletic now has 17 teams, over 200 club members, and a vibrant social scene that compliments the many successes we have seen on the pitch. We hope that is something Micky would be very proud of.